The charitable organisation ZAAMA NOOMA was created in 2007 by Boubacar Kafando to share the richness and diversity of African sounds, especially the ones from Burkina Faso. The charity accomplishes its goal through different actions such as musical workshops (Djembe, Kora), concerts, educational activities such as the repair and manufacture of instruments and preservation of endangered instruments. The charitable organisation also aims to promote cultural exchanges between different cultures.

ZAAMA NOMA is a collective of French and Burkinabé artists, artisans: musicians, dancers, sculptors, narrators, tailors, blacksmiths.

In August 2009, a music festival was organised in Saponé, the ZOUNOOGO FESTIVAL. A second edition took place in 2012 with more than a hundred artists. Those are memorable moments for the whole village involved in the project.

In February 2011, an exchange with Breton humanitarian aid workers allowed the cultural centre ZOUNOOGO to build a spirulina pond for the Banembantos’ villagers to access dietary supplement to prevent malnutrition.

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In January 2010, ZAAMA NOOMA opened the cultural centre ZOUNOOGO in Saponé, Burkina Faso. It is a collective of artists living and working there all year long (musicians, painters, sculptors, storytellers). The children living in the village and the area were invited to visit the centre regularly to be introduced to traditional arts and educational activities.

A classroom was built in the ZOUNOOGO centre in 2011 for the children to have a dedicated space to learn and share. The charitable organisation was then sponsored by the Jean Jaurès primary school based in Montreuil, France. Many parcels have been exchanged between the children of both schools.


In 2012, the charitable organisation ZAAMA NOOMA worked in partnership with the schoolchildren of the Jean Jaurès primary school to deliver an African percussions, story performances to support the cultural centre ZOUNOOGO in Saponé during the MICHTO LA NOUE Festival of Montreuil. Boubacar Kafando with Simon Winsé on the dum dum and flute led this performance deeply appreciated by the public.

On the 27th of April 2019,  we organised a charity event in Rennes city (France) in order to drive fundraising for the Cutural Centre Zounoogo based in the town of Saponé, Burkina Faso. The programme included percussions workshops, African story tales and games, improvising theatre, with the Boubacar Kafando & Zaama Nooma Band performance to conclude the evening.

The next objective of the non-profit organisation ZAAMA NOOMA is to build a recording studio in the cultural centre ZOUNOOGO, to offer burkinabé musicians the opportunity to produce and create their albums in the best conditions.


Zaama Nooma, united we are stronger.