NEW ALBUM - "Faut pas se diviser"

The second album of the Boubacar Kafando & Zaama Nooma Band « Faut pas se diviser » meaning We must not be divided, composed of ten songs, is the result of many musical and other encounters which led to an exciting musical fusion with afrobeat, jazz, blues, rock, funk.

This new opus offers a skilfully orchestrated instrumental combination, fusing traditional African instruments such as the kora, n’goni, djembe, tama, peul flute, with modern instruments such as drum kit, electric guitar, bass guitar.

Peace, love, cohesion, hope, are at the heart of the engaged lyrics Boubacar Kafando wants to share with the world.

The melodies are catchy and the mood is festive. This captivating music takes you to a different world and brings you to deep tribal trance. 

FIRST ALBUM - "Douni zougou"


The first album of the Boubacar Kafando & Zaama Nooma Band, composed of ten songs, invites you to travel on faraway lands transported with captivating acoustic sounds combining multiple traditional African instruments like the kora, n’goni, calebasse, tama, shekere, peul flute, djeli goni, bow mouth.

The warm voices of Boubacar Kafando, Paul Tina, Simon Winse, bring you to the streets of Ouagadougou for a peaceable trip during which unity and respect for all the people are praised.